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Armazenamento de arquivos em Banco de Dados

Hello FOlks,

Muito tempo que não apareço por aqui…mas por boas razões…casei, mudei de emprego (twice) e mudei de país =) wooow quantas mudanças….!
Estou morando e trabalhando na Austrália.

Bom sem enrolação vamos ao que interessa.

Segue o link para o tutorial.




Mapping Oracle BPM (Business Process Management) roles into Oracle IDM (Identity Manager)

Hello Folks,

Now I will show you how to Map/Integrate BPM roles with IDM.

The tutorial also can be found here:



Active Directory wasn’t working if I changed the user from OU (Organizational Unit)

Hi folks…I’m back with a quick tip.

There was a trouble with a customers UCM 10g environment.
The UCM 10g is integrated with Microsoft’s Active Directory but one little problem occurs if I change on euser from his OU (Organizational Unit) to another OU (Organizational Unit).
The UCM losses the reference from AD and the user loses access to UCM. The workaround was to delete the user from UCM everytime I changed them from OU.
This is exactly what UCM does: It caches that information internally. Store the users DN in the database so that UCM don’t have to look it up everytime. Going into the User Admin Applet and physically deleting the user, removes him from the Users table in the database and forces a dump of the cache.

If you are using an LDAP provider, there is a solution to change this behavior:

Just add to config.cfg the following line:


This variable will force a new check of the user in every login.

Props to Ken from My Oracle Support for this tip.

See ya…!